Berlin, city of villages

Berlin is a city of villages. The inner and outer suburbs that make up most of its 890 square kilometers are dotted with the traces of at least 60 former rural settlements. Today this surviving assortment of fieldstone churches, manor houses, redbrick barns and village greens forms an integral part of the city’s urban fabric.

This website aims to provide a guide to each of these villages, while at the same time revealing some of the many treasures to be found in the boroughs and districts beyond the tourist hotspots of Berlin’s inner city.

Please note that the site is very much a work in progress and will be for some time. For now, only three villages have been covered: Lichterfelde, Steglitz and Zehlendorf in the borough of Steglitz-Zehlendorf. I’ll be adding more content to the village guides whenever I can. In the meantime, I’d welcome feedback and suggestions.